Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the scene in THE BODYGUARD where Mitch, Julia and her twins make decorations for the Christmas tree. Schmaltzy, corny, a tug at the heartstrings--call it what you want--it makes me want to dig out paper and glue and other crafty items to make handmade ornaments for my tree. 

How about you? And don't worry--my handmade ornaments are easy.

For paper chains, cut strips of paper about four inches long and half an inch wide, then glue the ends together--just be sure to loop the strips together before gluing. :) 

Stringing popcorn is also easy. Thread a sewing needle and run the needle through the popped corn. Don't forget to put a knot at the end of the thread and pop enough to allow for breaking some of the popped corn and for eating some of it. And, yes, I do have dogs who can clean up any popcorn that falls. 

The origami angel can be a bit more challenging. A search of the Internet turned up instructions from easy to advanced. I'm not a real "crafty" person, so I stuck to the instructions labeled "for kids." Even found one I could print out a pattern to fold. 

Yes, I do have lots of tree ornaments, and quite a few my kids made many years ago. But this may another year I decorate the tree with paper chains and strings of popcorn to add to ornaments my kids made--with a cute origami angel at the top!

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