Sunday, January 8, 2012


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I confessed in an earlier post to being a rock'n'roll wimp. And one of my favorite bands as a teenager was The Monkees. Well, by the time I realized they weren't a real band, but four guys cast in the role of a band for a TV show, I was hooked on the fun. 

“The Monkees was a television show about an imaginary band living on the beach, getting into all these adventures and making music," says Micky Dolenz, who played the drummer on the TV show. 

However, the foursome went on to tour to the screaming success of thousands of teenaged girls--myself included. 

These days, the old TV shows are still playing as reruns and available on DVD. The group members are touring. A variety of merchandise is available for Monkee fans. And I have most of their original vinyl records. 

If you want to see more, check out their Web site: Of course you can also listen to YouTube recordings of their hit songs. 

Sit down, flash back, and enjoy!

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