Saturday, June 2, 2012


I was delighted to discover the theme for this year's Portland Rose Festival is Rock'n'Roses--pretty close to my Rock'n'Romance trilogy. Part of THE ROCK STAR takes place at during Rose Festival time, and one scene takes place during Packy the elephant's birthday party at the zoo. Well, Packy is the grand marshall of this year's Grand Floral Parade. 

THE ROCK STAR and the Portland Rose Festival also share roses! The Rose Festival is all about roses, of course! Each year the Lloyd Center ice rink is turned into a delightful garden for the annual rose show.  In THE ROCK STAR, Geoff takes roses to Shannon, and Shannon adds another rose bush to the garden for special occasions near the house she inherited from her grandmother. 

My Rock'n'Romance trilogy also received some very nice reviews. Here's what some reviewers had to say:
--THE ROCK STAR is "…well written, with realistic dialogue
and fully developed excellent tale of love and the power of healing..." --Reviewed by The Long and The Short of It Reviews
--THE BODYGUARD ""...a fantastic story...the plot is explosive with the twists and turns evenly paced. [the story] will have you clenching your fist in anger as well as reaching for the tissues a time or two... An absolutely brilliant read! [The Bodyguard] stands up and roars."  ----Kwips and Kritiques
--THE LEADER OF THE BAND "...As [the author] peels the artificial layers away, she reveals some most interesting surprises about some of the characters, not the least of which is the character who turns out to be the real antagonist." --The Long and the Short of It

The Portland Rose Festival was named the Best Festival in the World in 2011 by the International Festivals and Events Association (for the second time in five years).

And, finally, both the Rock'n'Romance trilogy and Rock'n'Roses 2012 have Rock'n'Roll! My trilogy tells the stories of three men connected to a classic rock band. On Saturday, June 2, the Rose Fest offers the Battle of the Cover Bands starting at noon in the RoZone. Bands include Petty Fever (Tom Petty), Rolling Tones (Rolling Stones), Garcia Birthday Band (Jerry Garcia-Grateful Dead), Drop Dead Legs (Van Halen), Ramble On (Led Zeppelin), and Metal Machines (A Tribute to All Things 80’s Rock). Check out the Rose Fest Web site for times and details <>.

If you are in the Portland area, I hope you enjoy the Rose Festival. If you are anywhere in the world, you can enjoy the Rock'n'Romance trilogy! Remember, THE ROCK STAR is a free e-book from on June 2. 

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