Saturday, November 5, 2011


I missed the birth and infancy of rock and roll, so didn't discover the incredible voice of Elvis Presley until toward the end of his life. 

I was what could be considered a rock and roll "wimp." Not much into heavy metal--I liked an occasional song or two, but preferred my eardrums intact. Ironically, many of the groups considered "heavy metal" when I was a teenager are still around today--like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Metallica--and show up on my kids' playlists. Who would have thought these bands would still be rockin' into middle age?

As a teenager, I inched into rock and roll via "soft pop." I was totally sucked in by the Monkees. My parents--bless them--drove me and a couple girlfriends 150 miles to see one of their concerts. I screamed until I was hoarse and had a blast! I didn't realize they weren't singing their own songs until I was hooked on the fun. 

And, like many sixteen-year-olds, my cousin and I dreamed we would move to Los Angeles after we graduated and become music stars. After all, we both sang in the church choir. In reality, she lived most of her life near the small town where we grew up. At least I got out of town, but farther away from LA, not closer. 

As I got older, I came to admire those who not just performed, but wrote their own songs. Many of those same musicians I already enjoyed, including John Denver, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel. 

My musical tastes broadened a bit, but were still predominantly the "easy listening" songs I preferred as a teenager. When I began writing, I remembered how music and those who played it were so much a part of my life as a teenager and young adult. So how could I not write a story or three about the influences of musicians? And, given my love of romances, these stories would have to be Rock 'n' Romances. 

So who are your favorite rock bands? Do you like one particular style of music or are your tastes more eclectic? You name 'em and I'll listen to at least one of their songs--and enter you in my drawing!

Coming in a later post: the ladies of rock!


  1. We're alike in a lot of respects, Genie. I'm still a huge John Denver and Neil Diamond fan. And my music collection is eclectic, from the above mentioned, to Sting, to George Michael, to Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20.
    Hey, I'm able to comment today. I couldn't the other day. Blogger doesn't like my google id. Today, though, name/url are an option and that works for me. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow what a great post. I love music and decided I had to leave a comment on this blog. My tastes in music are as varied athe opposite ends of the rainbow.
    I love music from the 60's like Simon and Garfunkel, CCR, and Janis Joplin.
    I grew up listending to country music stars like Loreta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Tanya Tucker. Love them all.
    But then again, I'm an 80's child and bands like Loverboy, Poison and Bon Jovi bring back fun filled memories.
    I really enjoy Christian contemporary and worship music like Third Day, The Newsboys, Hillsong United and Chris Tomlin.
    More current bands I enjoy listening to are Matchbox 20 and The Goo Goo Dolls.
    Thanks for posting on a great topic. Your books look great.

  3. I like most rock. There are some bands i.e. the head banger bands,don't even know if I wrote this write are just too hard for me. But I love Bionce, Katie Perry, Rhiannon (sp?) and tons of others. I get a well rounded verse of songs from Jazzercise.

  4. Hiya Genie-what a fun post!!! It sounds as if we are from the same era. Which Monkee did you like best? It was Davey Jones for me-lol! But I have to admit that a coupla years into the show my eyes wandered over to Peter Tork.
    My musical tastes have really run the gamut over the decades, I too loved John Denver. In fact one year in the '80's I wrote him and 2 weeks later he wrote me back. I still have that letter and to this day you wouldn't be able to yank it out of my cold dead hands-lol!
    Debbie-I also love all your Contemporary Christian artists-in fact I used to email Third Day before they hit the big time. My all time fave CC artist is Steven Curtis Chapman, hands down.
    Genie, I now adore Collective Soul. I discovered them when their single "Tremble for My Beloved" appeared on the Twilight soundtrack. I was utterly mesmerized by their sound. I didn't even know what they looked like until well over a year later-and then I found out that they had been around since the '90's-I'm always late to the party-lol!
    One really great song-complete with a fun video is "Hollywood", you know -the place you & your cousin were headed to after high school-lol! Other great songs are "Welcome All Again" and "Staring Down". Sigh...I could go on forever naming fabulous songs of theirs.
    Lastly, I also love Linkin Park, Train, and Owl City. Happy Listening!!

  5. Hooray, Laurie! I'm so glad you can post today! I switched around the "permissions," even ones that didn't seem they should matter. Whatever happened, I'm glad you were able to post today.

    Yes, I enjoyed Sting and George Michael too! Found info on the Internet that CMT is having a show on November 24 featuring Sting and Vince Gill. Could be an interesting show!

    Good tip on Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20. Nice! I listened to I Can't Let You Go. Then listened to a jam session with Darryl Hall of Hall & Oates (Song: 3 AM). Good stuff!

    Glad you persisted, Laurie, and tried to post again!

  6. Debby! I love CCR! Not sure there are any songs of theirs I don't like.

    Didn't listen much to Janis Joplin, though I love to sing along to Me and Bobby McGee. :)

    My parents listened to a lot of country music when I was growing up--in addition to the ones you mentioned, there was Jim Reeves (great voice!), Chet Atkins, Patsy Cline, and lots of others! Had forgotten all those wonderful musicians!

    I've heard Loverboy without knowing who they were (The Kid is Hot Tonight, Turn Me Loose). Same with Poison (Every Rose Has Its Thorn--great guitar work in that). Probably heard these bands on my son's playlist--he has really eclectic tastes, which is nice. And, of course, Bon Jovi is a classic--and more great guitar playing.

    Maybe my rock education isn't as lacking as I thought--I just wasn't connecting the songs with the bands. :)

    Hadn't heard of the Christian contemporary bands, but listened to Third Day (Your Love Oh Lord), the Newsboys (Born Again), Hillsong United (From the inside out--Everlasting), Chris Tomlin (I Will Follow). Nice music!

    Thanks to Laurie, I listened to Matchbox 20. I've heard of the Goo Goo Dolls, but expected ladies--boy, what a surprise when I listened to All That You Are. :)

    Thanks for the nice words on the books--I had fun with them. And thanks for stopping by and giving me some new music discoveries!

  7. Hey, Chris! Hadn't thought of Jazzercise as a good place to hear music, but that would make sense!

    Of course, I've heard of Beyonce--I read the tabloid headlines in the grocery stories. :) But hadn't really listened to her music (Best Thing I Never Had). Nice voice! Ditto with Rihanna (California King Bed). Have also heard of Katy Perry. Watched her Last Friday Night video and it was a hoot!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Marianne, so glad you made it here! Did you get your bulbs planted?

    I kinda went back and forth between Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork of the Monkees. Davy was very cute and Mike Nesmith very serious. What fun!

    John Denver always struck me as such a nice guy! I don't blame you for not letting his letter out of your hands. :)

    Steven Curtis Chapman--beautiful voice! I listened to I Will Be Here.

    Hollywood was a fun video! Collective Soul's live performances seem much different than their almost acoustic recordings. Interesting!

    I've heard of Linkin Park, but hadn't listened to their music. Sampled Waiting for the End. Listened to Train's Marry Me--nice! Watched a fun video of Fireflies by Owl City. :)

  9. Thanks to all for your listening suggestions! Not sure my dogs appreciated me listening when they were trying to get my attention, but I had fun!

    Remembered some great songs and heard some new (to me) music!

    Once again, thank you all!!!

  10. Hi Genie-bulbs were planted. Now waiting for 23 little striped crocuses to pop up around late Feb! And oh-I love CCR & the Newsboys too! Still have a mad crush on Michael Tate since his DC Talk days. you're right about Collective Soul's performances-good eye:) That song by SCC is superb!

  11. Crocuses mean it's spring! I'm already looking forward to it. :)

    I hadn't heard of dc Talk either--definitely not the music I heard in church. LOL! It's really interesting listening to the contemporary Christian bands. Definitely shakes up my stereotype of Christian music. I have been so out of touch! So glad you and Debby suggested these artists! Thank you!

  12. Hey Geanene,
    Here's a new band for you to give a listen to. They're a local Seattle band who write very unique music that may be taking rock and roll to a different place (not your typical 3 choruss and a refrain). The band is Ravenna Woods and you can find them easily on YouTube. I would suggest listening to the song "Ghosts". Lead singer Chris Cunningham spent a year teaching in the Marshall Islands and wrote this song about the continuing affects of the US testing nuclear devices there. It's pretty powerful. Hope you enjoy it.

  13. Hi, Celeste! Interesting! Definitely taking rock in a new direction. Seems like a lot of messages in their music. I listened to "Ghosts" as well as a couple of their other songs and an interview with them. Love to hear of local bands. Thanks for tip!

  14. I listen to anything but heavy metal and RAP. I want to hear the words and those two I can never hear the words.

    I have music on most of the time and enjoy it as a background to my day and my writing.

    Fun post!

  15. Hi, Paty! I've gotten to the point where I can listen to heavy metal--though not at great volume. :) With Rap, I think as close as I'll get is to appreciate the work that some artists put into this music, but it's not my top choice either. And I continue to find it fascinating that you and other authors can listen to music while you write. I need quiet to write, maybe because my focus switches to singing along if music is playing and I get totally sidetracked from writing!

    Thanks for stopping by!