Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Three in a row! 
THE ROCK STAR on November 1. 
THE BODYGUARD on November 15. 
And now THE LEADER OF THE BAND on December 1. 
That's three launches two weeks apart for the re-issue of my Rock'n'Romance trilogy. 

I've had a lot of fun revisiting the main characters of these three books. I've also ventured out of my little writing world to visit new blogs, party four days straight, and meet new readers. Perhaps the rush of the holidays will feel relaxing this year. LOL!

Zach and Lauren are different than characters I usually write. They have both been in the public eye for so many years, it takes a crisis to start peeling away the layers of their public personas to reveal what is really in their hearts. 

Even when confronted with a crisis, change doesn't come easily for these two sometime-lovers. They get a nudge in the right direction from friends, a little girl who loves her Uncle Zach, and a scrawny orange street cat with a bite out of one ear. Oh yeah, and a group of ladies at the retirement home who play strip poker every week.

You can buy THE LEADER OF THE BAND for $2.99 from Rogue Phoenix Press.

You can also read an excerpt at my Genie Gabriel Web site (click on "books," then on the cover for THE LEADER OF THE BAND).

And, remember, you can still enter my contest for a $25.00 gift card from Simply leave a comment--you can tell me your favorite rock band or singer and I'll listen to at least one of their songs--or just say hello!

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